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Senior Dental Care

Posted on 5/25/2015 by Raymond Liu

An elderly woman suffering from lack of dental care to her teeth. Like everything health related, seniors face unique problems when it comes to dental care. Our office specializes in providing the highest quality care and service to our seniors. Good dental care is more important than ever as we age. Not only are seniors more prone to cavities due to lower calcium and vitamin D, but they are also face more risk of infection from gum disease.

Seniors can sometimes overlook their oral health, but it is important that they protect and keep their own teeth for as long as possible. Seniors face unique challenges and must be more diligent than ever as they age.

Common Dental Problems Faced by Seniors

•  Darkened Teeth - This can occur from loss of enamel and food stains. The loss of enamel makes the darker inner tooth or dentin show more clearly.
•  Gum Disease - This is the leading cause of tooth loss and infection. Flossing is still the best way to protect your gums. Gum disease is especially dangerous to seniors who may already have a compromised immune system.
•  Root Decay - As gums recede the root, which lacks an enamel coating, is more vulnerable to decay.
•  Uneven Jaw - This occurs when teeth are lost and not replaced, resulting in bone loss.
•  Tooth Decay - No matter the age no one likes cavities - the sooner they are found the sooner they can be filled and the longer you will again be comfortably enjoying a nice dinner with your own teeth.

Common Dental Services

•  Teeth Cleaning - Start off with getting teeth professionally cleaned and inspected for damage. Clean teeth are the most important step to a healthy mouth and healthy living. Even with proper brushing and flossing people need regular clean ups to remove plaque and inspect teeth for damage.
•  Filling - We use the safest and best fitting material to not only fill the cavity but to stop further decay. When something is wrong, the sooner we get involved, the sooner we can fill the cavity and not only end the pain, but stop the cavity from getting any worse. Never put off dental hygiene.
•  Crown - Whether from being chipped, normal wear or grinding, the tops of our teeth can get misshaped. Seniors are more susceptible to these issues and our expert staff is ready to help.
•  Root Canal - Sometimes the tooth is too far gone for just a filling but can still be saved. This requires drilling out the pulp inside the tooth and filling it again. This is a bit more severe than a filling, but it still saves the root.
•  Bridge - A bridge is used when two or more teeth are missing. Anchored on both ends by healthy teeth, the bridge will help in chewing, reshaping the face and in some cases even help with restoring speech.
•  Dentures - Whether full or partial, dentures are the most common and cost effective way to replace lost teeth. They require care and can take some time to get used to. Dentures must be brushed frequently, and be firmly kept in place. They are normally taken out each night for further cleaning. They can be made to look and perform like original teeth.
•  Implants - Sometimes the best choice for a lost tooth is just to replace it. Though a more pricey option, implants are the closest thing to having natural teeth back and can be precisely shaped to fit any mouth.

Respecting our Seniors
Our highly skilled staff looks forward to serving our senior population. Please call our office at (425) 310-5789 to schedule an appointment today. Keep your golden years enjoyable. Whether it's an apple or a steak, we want seniors to enjoy every bite they take out of life.
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