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3 Fads that Might Damage Your Teeth

Posted on 12/25/2015 by Raymond Liu
A woman showing her tongue piercing.Fads aren't restricted to just fashion. When an interesting trend pops up, many people tend to jump on the bandwagon without considering the possible repercussions. Find out how some of the most popular fads might actually be damaging your oral health.


While seeing a grill on your favorite rapper might seem cool, this isn't a trend that you should try out yourself. While most grills are safe, they need to be examined frequently in order to prevent damage. The main issues with grills are gum irritation, enamel damage, and potential allergic reactions. Since grills tend to be quite large, gum line irritation is the most important concern, so you should be sure that any grill that you do decide to wear fits properly.

Fad Diets

Most people that start a fad diet are concerned with weight loss or improving their overall health, but they may not consider how altering what they eat can affect their teeth. Some diets, including those that require high fruit consumption, can cause excess acids to access the teeth. Other diets may lack calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin B12, all of which are crucial for long-term dental health. These problems can all lead to a perfect storm for tooth decay.

Tongue Rings

Tongue piercings are a popular fad for teens, and like other piercings, they can become infected if not cared for properly. However, tongue piercings can also affect the teeth when metal pieces push up against them. The end result could be cracking and chipping of the teeth, or gaps could develop in the front teeth. These gap problems could require braces and other orthodontic treatment to correct them completely.

If you are concerned about how a fad has affected your dental health, contact our office. We can correct any damage and provide helpful suggestions for preventing future problems.

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