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Am I a Candidate for Dental Implants
Edmonds, WA

Diagram of a dental implant at Dr Liu Family Dental in Edmonds, WA. Dental implants are metal screws surgically implanted into the jawbone to replace missing tooth roots. They can modify a person's appearance, smile, and chewing ability. People with tooth loss can feel self-conscious while talking or smiling. Dental implants provide them the stability and strength to eat the food they love, laugh as usual, and enjoy life as it is meant to be. These implants help stop jawbone loss and are considered cosmetic dentistry.

How Do Dental Implants Work?

The damaged root is extracted for implant dentistry, a hole is drilled in the jawbone, and a prosthetic root or post is implanted into the bone. Over the following months, the bone grows and secures the post. An abutment is installed on the post, and a crown is fitted on top, completing the implant procedure.

Who is A Candidate for Dental Implants?

Dental implants are an option for people with good overall and oral health. At Dr Liu Family Dental, Raymond Liu DDS will take your medical and dental history, carry out an oral examination, and advise an x-ray to evaluate bone density and structure. An ideal implant candidate is one looking to replace their missing teeth, takes care of their oral health, is aware of the length and complexity of the procedure, and wants to opt for the treatment. They must also meet the criteria listed below.

Have a Missing Tooth

A dental implant is a tooth replacement solution. Patients having a tooth extraction or who have naturally or accidentally lost a tooth are good candidates for a dental implant. A bridge or denture does not provide the same advantages as a dental implant. An implant is comfortable, long-lasting, and helps prevent bone loss.

Have Multiple Missing Teeth

Dental implants are equally beneficial for people looking to replace multiple missing teeth. In such a case, the dentist creates and attaches All-on-4® dental implants for a partial or full arch replacement. If you're considering implants versus dentures, know that implants require less aftercare and food restrictions and are a permanent fixture. In comparison, dentures are removable and require additional care.

Have Good Gum and Bone Health

Successful implant surgery requires good gum and bone health. Patients suffering from bone loss require a grafting procedure before dental implant placement. A person opting for dental implants must accept responsibility for maintaining excellent oral health care.

Understand and Accept the Timeline

A candidate for dental implants should be aware of the timetable for an implant procedure. They should understand that installation and healing can take four to 12 months. This is a significantly long commitment. If bone grafting is required, the process can take even longer. After the implant, the gums need a healing time of several months before a crown can be designed and installed.

Wondering If you’re a Candidate for Dental Implants?

Call us at (425) 771-2100 to schedule a consultation with Raymond Liu DDS. We will examine you, describe the implant process, and discuss whether you're the right candidate for dental implants.
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