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Dental Crown
Edmonds, WA

Rendering of dental crowns in a set of three at Dr Liu Family Dental in Edmonds, WACrowns are a small piece of imitation tooth that are used to cover or overlap old, damaged, or stained teeth. Crowns can be sometimes known as "caps" and can be used in children and adults alike. The purpose of a crown is to further stabilize an otherwise damaged, broken, or decayed tooth.

Types of Crowns

There are three types of crowns that we use in our office: porcelain and metal crowns, all porcelain crowns, and all metal crowns.
•  Porcelain and Metal Crowns: These crowns have a metal base used for stability and a porcelain cover to make the crown look as realistic as possible. This type of crown is used for weak or damaged teeth.
•  All Porcelain Crowns: All porcelain crowns are made only of porcelain and are primarily used on the front teeth for the most natural look. Since they lack the metal base, porcelain crowns tend to be fragile and are typically not used on the back teeth.
•  All Metal Crowns: All metal crowns are made entirely of metal and used primarily on the back teeth. All metal crowns are less visible and cost less than crowns that contain porcelain.

Needs for a Crown

Every patient is different, but following are some of the reasons a crown may be needed:
•  To hold bridgework in place.
•  To enhance the aesthetic appearance of your mouth.
•  Broken, damaged, or decayed teeth.
•  Hold together a fractured or cracked tooth.

The Procedure

Usually to prepare for a crown, a root canal must be completed first. Full restoration of the tooth beforehand is paramount to prevent premature deterioration of the tooth and new crown. The first part of the procedure is removal of broken pieces of the tooth and filing down the edges. Afterwards, a temporary crown is installed. The next step is at a second appointment; this is when a full inspection of the tooth is conducted of the temporary crown. Finally, the temporary crown is replaced with a permanent crown.

Benefits of a Crown

There are many benefits of having a crown including:
•  Hiding gaps, spaces, or dental implants.
•  Additional support of a previous bridge.
•  Support for an already broken tooth.


The average lifetime of a crown is approximately 10 years, but many crowns last as long as the patient lives with proper hygiene and care. If needed, some dental insurance plans may allow for a crown to be replaced after five years. Beyond good oral hygiene, some other factors that affect the longevity of the crown are the expertise of the dentist and the type of material used. Gold crowns last longer since they are made from one piece of gold. Porcelain crowns are more compressed but are incredibly fragile.


After the crown has been put into place, some mild pain may accompany the procedure. Over-the-counter medication can be taken to help mediate the pain. If pain persists or there is the onset of fever, there may be an infection, which means you should contact our office right away. It is important that you take special care to eat softer foods and be aware of foods or drinks that may either be too hot or cold, as the tooth may be sensitive for some time as the area heals.

Aftercare of your crown is very important and should not be taken lightly. Excellent dental hygiene must be maintained in order to avoid decay or damage to the crown. Brushing and flossing regularly are just two of the basic things along with periodic inspection and cleanings of the new crown.

Side Effects of Crowns

There are some side effects of getting a crown that should be considered ahead of time. These side effects are mostly to make you aware of the possibilities of what can happen so that you can take proper care if it should. Some of these side effects are pain and tenderness to the immediate area (can be resolved with over-the-counter medication), mild swelling, sensitivity to hot or cold foods and drinks, and possibly a headache. If side effects from getting a crown persist beyond a few hours, contact our office for further direction.

Cost of a Crown

The cost of a crown is going to vary from person to person. Every insurance company differs, so it's imperative to check with your specific insurance policy to see what they will cover. Additionally, please review our Financial Policy for specific questions on payment for your procedures. If any further questions are had, feel free to call or stop by our office for assistance.

If you are ready to explore your options for a dental crown, call our office at (425) 771-2100 today!
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