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3Shape TRIOS

One of the more important things that we do during your dental exam is a thorough visual inspection of your mouth. We carefully check all surfaces, including the back of your throat and the roof of your mouth. However, with the introduction of new technology, we are now able to greatly improve our quality of care. Our 3D imaging - 3Shape TRIOS Intraoral Scanner allows us to not only provide you with a more advanced inspection during your exam, we here at Dr Liu Family Dental are also able to render a completely comprehensive 3D image of your mouth in just minutes.

What is the 3Shape TRIOS Intraoral Scanner?

The 3Shape TRIOS Intraoral Scanner is a fantastic piece of dental technology that allows us to gain a better idea of your oral care. With the 3Shape TRIOS Intraoral Scanner, we can get a comprehensive, three-dimensional image of your mouth in just a few seconds. The images are captured by a small wand, which we place inside the patient’s mouth.

This device can generate thousands of images in just one second, which then are turned into a composite of the patient’s mouth. With these images, we can move forward with your treatment plan. We can use these images to help a patient get a vast array of treatment options, including veneers, implants, crowns, or other types of restorations.

Advantages of Using the 3Shape TRIOS Intraoral Scanner

The advantages of the 3Shape TRIOS Intraoral Scanner are numerous. In the past, it was more difficult to get a clear image of the inside of a patient’s mouth. If we wanted to make a model of their mouth, we would have to combine a visual exam with x-rays and conventional impressions. With the 3Shape TRIOS Intraoral Scanner, we can skip the messy impressions without sacrificing quality of care, and we can create a 3D rendering of the patient’s mouth. This image allows us to make an educated decision about how we will proceed with your treatment.

In the past, we would have to make messy impressions and send these impressions to our lab to create the restoration. Now, treatment can be completed in just a fraction of the time. We can create real-time images and proceed with treatment promptly. The images are crisper, clearer, and more accurate. This puts a stop to needless delays that could otherwise result from inferior impressions. The quality of the restorations is also greatly improved, as the scanned images that we create are much higher quality than what we could get from x-rays or conventional dental impressions. All in all, this makes treatment much better for our valued patients!

We are not satisfied with providing our patients with just an average dental exam. We take pride in delivering the highest caliber of care to our patients, which is why we use the 3Shape TRIOS Intraoral Scanner in our office. If you are curious about how we apply it to your treatment and would like to learn more about it, do not hesitate to reach out to us. Please give us here at Dr Liu Family Dental a call today at (425) 771-2100 for more information or to set up an appointment with us!
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