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Patient holding Invisalign clear aligners over mouthInvisalign is a new and innovative way to provide teeth alignment and smile correction without the bulk and hardware of traditional braces. With busy lives, time is of the essence and shouldn't be wasted on days of unwanted pain or valuable time spent in the dentist's office. Invisalign is safe to wear to work, the gym, and in most everyday activities you plan to participate in. It requires very low key maintenance and a few visits to our office. Invisalign is perfect for those who want to improve their dental health without the unwanted attention. We take pride in our services here and concentrate on making everyone feel good about their visits to the orthodontist.

Benefits of Invisalign

Invisalign provides patients with many benefits that traditional braces cannot provide. Below are a few of the most common benefits:
•  Painless: Because of the absence of wires and brackets, you can enjoy dental correction without the risk of cuts, tears, or abrasive sores. The sleek design of Invisalign ensures a pain free experience.
•  Effortless: With less time spent on adjustments, Invisalign can provide time for life's enjoyments.
•  Removable: Since Invisalign is not actually attached to the teeth, the trays are easily removable from the mouth to allow for eating, drinking, brushing, and cleaning. In a busy life, Invisalign can be removed for special occasions or other activities. Simply put the braces back in after the occasion with no loss of correction or difficulty with fitting them.
•  Concealment: Due to the smooth shaping and the clear product, Invisalign can be worn even in the most formal of events without worry of detection. We understand that concealment is top priority and with Invisalign, your secret is safe! Enjoy getting your teeth corrected without all the unwanted attention.

Side Effects of Invisalign

There are some side effects to consider when you are considering Invisalign. Some of these side effects may not happen to many people, but should be considered. These side effects include:
•  Allergic Reaction: Although unlikely, an allergic reaction can cause puffiness, swelling, sore throat, and possibly a cough.
•  Results: Results may vary from patient to patient and vary on the consistency of their dental plan. Inconsistency in usage can cause ill fittings and prolonged treatment plan.
•  Effectiveness: Invisalign may not work as well as traditional braces and can only superficially move teeth. Traditional braces are more effective for deeper dental realignment needs.

Although Invisalign is FDA approved and may not cause serious health issues, it may exasperate previous medical conditions. Conditions like diabetes, cystic fibrosis, TMJ, and certain bleeding disorders can cause difficulties or become worse in nature. If you are concerned about how Invisalign will affect your medical conditions, feel free to consult with us or your medical provider

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about Invisalign.

Q: How often should I be wearing my Invisalign?

A: It is recommended to wear your Invisalign approximately 20-22 hours a day and remove them for routine brushing and flossing.

Q: What is Invisalign made of?

A: Invisalign is made up of a thermoplastic material that is molded to fit your teeth. They are clear trays that fit over your teeth and are invisible to the general population. They are virtually invisible and will not bring unwanted attention to your teeth during your teeth straightening process.

Q: How long is the treatment program?

A: Invisalign usually takes approximately 12 months for the average adult and can vary patient to patient. Speaking with us directly about your treatment plan will help to determine the duration of treatment and expected results for your particular case.

Q: Can Invisalign become stained?

A: Yes! It is very important to brush your teeth before and after each meal to help keep your Invisalign trays stain free. Proper brushing can assist with staining concerns as can proper cleaning of your Invisalign trays. Good dental hygiene is always recommended, especially with orthodontics.

Q: Will a retainer be required after I'm finished with Invisalign?

A: Most likely a retainer will be required after completing the Invisalign orthodontic treatment plan, but we address every case on an individual basis.

Cost of Invisalign

Each person is unique and cost will vary from patient to patient. The price usually begins around $3,000 and goes up from there. Most insurance companies will cover the cost of orthodontics, which includes Invisalign. Contact your specific dental insurance company for further clarification of coverage.

You may also contact our office for your consultation to see if it's right for you. Please review our Financial Policy for further questions about payment requirements and possible insurance coverage and contact us with any questions.

Please contact us today for your Invisalign consultation!
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Invisalign is a new and innovative way to provide teeth alignment and smile correction without the bulk and hardware of traditional braces. With busy lives, time is of the essence and shouldn’t be wasted on days of unwanted pain
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