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Veneers vs Dental Crowns
Edmonds, WA

Image of a dental professional discussing veneers vs dental crowns, at Dr Liu Family Dental in Edmonds, WA. If you want to improve the look of your teeth, you can opt for veneers or dental crowns. Both are restoration procedures that help enhance the look of your teeth. However, it is important to understand the main differences to make an informed decision. Our dentists at Dr Liu Family Dental will explain the major difference between the two options, how they impact the teeth, and their advantages and disadvantages.

What Are the Differences Between Dental Crowns and Veneers?

A dental crown is a tooth cap secured on your damaged tooth and covers all surfaces. It is useful if you have decayed, discolored, fractured, crooked, or chipped teeth. Crowns are the best option if large portions of your teeth are broken or missing. They help to restore your bite and improve the aesthetics of your teeth.
Veneers are thin shells made of resin composite or porcelain. They only cover the front part of your teeth. These options improve the appearance of your teeth by correcting cracks, misalignments, or discoloration of your teeth. Veneers are not great options if you have severe damage to your teeth as they can only correct mild tooth issues.

Placing of Dental Crowns vs. Veneers

Placing dental crowns starts with an examination and diagnostic tests to help determine whether you are a good candidate for them. Next, your tooth is prepared for the placement of the crown. The process involves shaping and filing down your tooth to make it a perfect fit for the crown. Our dentists will then take an impression of your tooth and use it to prepare the permanent crown. A temporary crown can be placed before the permanent one is ready. Our dentist will then fit the custom crown on the tooth and cement it into position.

Placing veneers starts with proper checks and tests on your dental cavity. An impression of your teeth is then prepared and sent to the lab for veneer preparation. Our dentists can first place the temporary veneers on the teeth. Once the veneers are ready, they are fitted on the front surface of your teeth.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Dental Crowns vs. Veneers

Dental crowns are ideal for people with more serious issues with their teeth, such as severe discoloration or deep cavities. Crowns mimic your natural teeth offering a more natural look. Materials such as ceramic are very durable and will offer a long-lasting solution. However, the method of placing crowns is quite invasive and requires the removal of some parts of the tooth structure.

Veneers help to improve the appearance of your tooth and correct minor deformities. The procedure is less invasive and requires a minimal recovery period. When placing the veneers, minimal tooth structure removal is required. However, veneers are expensive. They also cover only the front part of your teeth, leaving the other tooth structure vulnerable to the development of cavities and decay. Depending on the nature of your tooth problem, our dentists at Dr Liu Family Dental will discuss with you the best restorative dental option. Ensure you consult our dental experts and schedule your next appointment by calling us at (425) 771-2100.
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