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Zoom Whitening

Patient smiling and looking at camera in a dental officeThere are various whitening systems: store bought, take home kits, and in office treatments. All systems offer some level of whitening power, but none will whiten your teeth as quickly and effectively as the Zoom system. Done in office, the Zoom system combines a pH booster with a prescribed whitening gel under the careful observation of Raymond Liu DDS.

What is the process for Zoom Whitening?

Zoom Whitening begins with a regular office dental cleaning at Raymond Liu, DDS Family Dentistry. This is important because the gel will not clean through plaque or calculus, meaning any spot with plaque will not be cleaned. After your teeth are clean, we completely cover your eyes, lips and gums, so that they are not subject to the UV light. The 25% peroxide is then applied to your teeth in up to three 15 minute sessions. This peroxide process works by exfoliating your teeth. It opens up the pores of the tooth and allows the whitening process into all the nooks and crannies. After each session we take a look at the progress of your whitening and determine how much further you want to go. Our whitening process removes stains and enhances your natural tooth color, so the post results will always look natural.

Notes about Zoom Whitening

1.  Something that you may not be aware of is that whitening does not whiten previous dental work. It will not whiten your dental crowns, veneers, or fillings. Be sure to ask Dr. Liu how this will affect the look of your whole mouth.
2.  The Zoom process is incredible, but intense. For about 48 hours post whitening, you will have to be careful of what you eat. Your diet could effect your color, we opened those pores to clean them, but it may take a while for those pores to relax. Anything that would stain a white cloth, could also stain your new white teeth.
3.  Zoom patients have occasionally mentioned discomfort in sensitivity after the whitening process. This discomfort is for a limited time, you may want to brush with sensitive toothpaste for a short time.

Contact our Edmonds office for more information about Zoom Whitening at (425) 771-2100.
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Zoom Whitening - Raymond Liu DDS - Dentist Edmonds WA
The Zoom teeth whitening system is available at the office of Raymond Liu, DDS. Call us today today to learn more about brightening your smile in about an hour!
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