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Implant Dentistry

Rendering of dental implant on row of teethThe best option for replacing teeth are dental implants. It looks like real tooth, feel like a real tooth and connect to your jaw like a real tooth.

What is a dental implant?

A titanium metal screw that is drilled directly into your jaw where it integrates with your body through a process called osseointegration.

The Post

After the implant integrates you come back to the office where we attach a post to the implant. This is what we attach the crown to.

Custom Crown

To complete the implant we attach a porcelain crown that looks like the rest of your teeth.

Does it feel like a natural tooth?

Your regular teeth attach to your jaw and when you bite you feel the pressure on your tooth all the way down to the bone. Once dental implants are placed inside of your teeth, they feel just as tough as your real teeth.

Are dental implants right for me?

If you have one tooth missing, a dental implant is the most perfect way to replace it. There are some limitations to implants:

Bridges & Appliances

Implants are meant to replace a single missing tooth. If you have more than one missing you might want to use a bridge to replace multiple missing teeth. There are also options for people missing all of their teeth. Ask us about your options.

Recent or Past Tooth Loss

When a tooth is removed the bone around the socket begins to break down. If too much time has passed, the bone will not be able to hold it. We can use bone grafts to build up the socket. So the longer it has been since a tooth was lost the more it will cost to replace it.

Dental Implants vs Mini Implants

Dental implants are ideal solutions for missing teeth. They act and resemble your natural tooth roots and offer a great surface for attaching dental crowns. Our dentists at Dr Liu Family Dental can offer and help decide the best option for your lost teeth.

Dental Implant Dentist

Dr. Raymond Liu is an experienced dental implantologist and periodontist.

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